Monday, September 28, 2009

Arkiemedes Tams... a wise little man

This little old fellow is Arkiemedes Tams. Arky loves contemplating nature and gardening. He has been a scholar in his life and has known and seen much. This never weighs him down though. You can regularly see him skipping down a path and whistling a jaunty tune - don't be fooled by that walking stick he is by no means feeble. Arky is a bit of a tease and can be very mischievous, there is always fun sparkling in his eyes.

I always find it interesting to know where names come from - Arky received his name from one of my aunts. She informed me that he looked like an 'Arkiemedes' the first time they met and she was right, though to me he feels like 'Arkiemedes'. The second half of his name 'Tams' is in honour of Charles de Lint after after the magical 'Tamson house' in his novel Moonheart - full of secrets and magic.

These pictures were taken when we had gone out for a walk and we found a walking stick - as if it were made just for him. The angle of the handle and the height were so perfectly matched - it was meant to be!


  1. What a wonderful fellow....We are happy to meet him! We are working on getting some of our original art up on our blog too. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  2. I can hardly wait to see! Take care!