Monday, November 2, 2009

A Pirate's life for me! Or perhaps a Cavalier?

Arrr! We had loverly weather on Halloween - Calgary is well know for having enough snow and cold by now that you have to plan for room for your snowsuit under your costume, but it was gorgeous this year! I worked so I clanked around the Library (hehe sooo loud... in a library...*snicker*) with my dungeon keys clattering and had a great night of handing out candy and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Our host's house had amazing black lights set up at the door so that all the trick-or-treaters glowed! We thought it was pretty cool! Oh, and that delicious smelling pesto cheesecake didn't taste as amazing as it smelled. I was rather disappointed in that.
I thought I'd put up a couple pictures... And yes - even I think I'm a little scary in my battle stance, but ooooh the fun! So from the bottom up, nice tall boots, you can't tell in these pictures but I've got amazing purple tights, the capri's I made, two scarves and two belts, my dungeon keys from Heritage Park, a flouncy shirt my mother made from when her and my father used to have Halloween parties, the vest I made out of loverly tapestry fabric and the pirate hat I reused from a costume I made for my boyfriend last year - it's an official Disney Captain Hook hat - best pirate hat I've ever encountered. I love it!