Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tony DiTerlizzi, D&D and the geek that is me!

So I just finished reading the last book in the "Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles - The Wyrm King" by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. I really like it - the whole series! They're good modern day fairytales with trials and tribulations and it shows both the good and the bad of faery. Well worth reading! Superb art as well! I actually started the series in 2008 after I got back from my first adventure to FaerieCon because Holly Black was there! When I came home I ordered all the books that the two have written together and individually and read them all! I'm now on to the second book of "The Good Neighbours" graphic novel series.

Actually, a transitional side note here - while looking up the links for Holly and Tony I realized that Tony has a blog and from his blog - that he got a start at Dragon magazine and Kobold Quarterly (hehe I play D&D with a Kobold every Saturday!) and did some drawings for Dungeons & Dragons Planescape as well as some monsters. Ah! *excited squeel* while I write this I'm listening to a great podcast (there's a play button to click once you're on the page) with Kobold Quarterly and Tony DiTerlizzi talkinging about inspirations and Brian Froud and D&D! About 30min of the podcast is talking with Tony... how cool is that? I'm such a geek I know - but I love it! Speaking of looooove - this is a picture that our great DM took of the birthday cake I made for my boyfriend as it was his birthday on our D&D night... Our DM worked it into that nights campaign and we played on top of the cake! Ooo- and that sparkler there, that's not a sparkler - it's a fireball!

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  1. Very cool!! LOVE Tony D.
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